We almost forgot to report about this. A few weeks ago, we got an extraordinary homework in our intercultural teaching.

It was something like this: Make something you would normally never do. Something that brings you out of your comfort zone.

It was not at all easy to find something suitable and it took some time. But then we were sure we had found two good actions:

Manu grabbed a guitar, set in front of MC Donalds, and played  half a hour guitar. His personal goal was actually to play in money for a cup of coffee, but unfortunately it did not work so well (Some think it is due to his musical talent)

Carmen’s challenge was to go into the Ontario Lake at icy temperatures. You have to say that the Lake Garda in August is already a few degrees too cold, but she has mastered it well!

The aim of the homework was to reflect what such out-of-our-comfort-zone situations do with us, especially in regard to our future life in a foreign country and a foreign culture. There surely will be those kind of situations, in which we have to go out of our comfort zone.


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