Moving is daily bread in this town, so it seems to me sometimes. We always hear of people who move. We also have moved in the city. It is probably also a part of the culture here in North America. The people here are not as settled in one place as we are in Germany.

Moving is also part of our everyday life here at Matthew House (MH is a refugee home in which we are currently living and volunteering). People move out and others move in and that is also a good thing. The Matthew House wants to give the refugees a good start in their new life, including being on their own feet and having their own apartment. It is an important step in the right direction

Two of our residents have made this step this week. They have found an apartment and have moved out. Moving days are emotional days. Matthew House has become a family for many, their first home in the new, foreign country. Many times there are tears involved.

The Matthew House helps as best as it can. We have an entire double garage behind our house where we store things like mattresses, dishes, chairs, towels, cabinets, blankets, etc. to give to those moving. They are happy about every item they do not have to buy, they usually have little money at their disposal.

And so we loaded the van again yesterday and have moved. The two movers were happy to be able to move into their new apartment with a bed, blankets, dishes, a sofa, chairs.


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