Encouraging. Relaxing. Get away. Adventure. Meet. Snow.

With these words, our week in the US, at the American branch of Liebenzeller Missions (LM USA)is relatively well described. We as a whole group had the privilege to go to New Jersey to stay on the retreat centre of the LM USA and to get to know our American colleagues. We were very warmly received and spoiled and encouraged by all the staff. Once again we realized what a privilege we have in our job. We are getting to know so many great people.

In addition to the people, we have also learned a lot about the Liebenzeller Mission USA, what ministries they have and how the organization functions.

A highlight for me was the snow storm that surprised us. Since the retreat center is located outside a small town, we could enjoy all the snow in the middle of nature. We were then given a lot of sunshine. The perfect winter wonderland!!! In addition, there was also time to spend one day in New York, which is only about an hour away from the site of LM USA.

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