city groups

… are the small groups in our church, of which there are three in the city. Every Tuesday we are excited to see whom we welcome new in our group. The group is very dynamic and so every time new people drop in, but nevertheless we talk very personal things about our faith. Often, we can tell people about the good news, some have never heard of them before. This inspires us on this our Tuesday evenings.

Practically our group looks like this: At the beginning there is always a soup and cozy arrival, then we talk about a text from the Bible and exchange our thoughts about it. In the end we sit together in groups of three and four, exchange our prayers and pray for each other.

Our Citygroup is supposed to be a space where people can meet Jesus, that is our wish and that happens again and again. A great example in this group is Chris, who opens his apartment every week for up to 25 people. He is really  welcomeing to people and makes soup for everyone. He definitely has the gift of hospitality and can be such a blessing for so many young people from the city.

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