German Ubwali

Ubwali is the Sambian food. It’s their food for all the meals. Ubwali is simply corn porridge. It is eaten by most of the people here in Africa. Sambians LOVE their ubwali, and we learn to do so too. They serve it with fish, chicken, caterpillars, different veggies and tomato Sauce.

We told our neighbours that bread is the German Ubwali. You can get it everywhere in Germany. Germans can eat it all day long. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. So we decided to have a try and bake bread. I, Carmen, couldn’t wait to try out some different recipes and improve every time.

Finally we did our first attempt. Well, we don’t have an oven here, so we did it with charcoal. Some of our co-workes have done it like this before, so we knew it has to work. And it did!!

For next time we will change up the recipe a bit and we will improve some chings about the heat. BUT the bread already was delicious and we loooove it!!

See yourself…sadly you can’t taste.


  1. Ihr seid echt Klasse und Über- Lebenskünstler
    Voll stark,dass ihr dieses Abenteuer lebt ,um Menschen Jesus lieb zu machen .
    Seid behütet und gesegnet
    Liebe Gruesse von Christine Tröger:)

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