2017 and it’s people

Crazy! It’s already the end of January! Time flies by. I guess not only here, but also at your place where ever you are right now.
I thought it’s time for a short end of the year review here on our blog.

As you know a lot happened in 2017 in our lives. On the 31st of December 2017 Manu and I took some time to review and talk about what 2017 brought us. Browsing through our blog was a big help. And we realized again the one thing that was pretty constant was the inconstancy!
US, Canada, Germany, Zambia. Living in the big city of Toronto and now in the small Zambian town of Mpika. Such different worlds. Such different ways of life. So many different people.
While we were looking back I realized how great it is to see so much of the world. But I noticed also the biggest influence on me was not the different places we had been to, but the people we had been with. The once who we gave places in our hearts. Who would have thought that I now have great friends living in Toronto who original come from all over the world?
Or those people that have been shared a longer journey with us. Our families and friends back in Germany. Our short time in Germany in between Canada and Zambia was pretty intense concerning those people. Going for breakfast, lunch, coffee or dinner, living with our parents, moving in with our siblings, going on one-day vacations with friends. The time was packed with those encouraging reunions. Our personal high light was our Birthday-Farewell-Garden-Party. Friends from all over and family came and celebrated together. Thinking back to that day fills my heart with great joy. Okay, but let’s not think of all the goodbyes we had to say.
It continued with all the people who were welcoming us here in Zambia. Our team colleagues from all over the world. They gave us a warm welcome and I can see that as we share a longer journey we get to know each other better. Also, we share the same living situation, in a different culture, language, without close family.
And right now we live in Mpika und day by day we get to know new people of whom some will grow dear to us and have a special place in our hearts.

Honestly, I have no idea how big my heart is and how much place there still is for people. I guess I’ll find out while I live life. And until I do so, I want to keep my heart open for new people who need to be loved, even though it always hurts when loved once go a different direction and our ways part. Who ever knows me, knows that tears a many in those times.

While reviewing on 2017 I realized once more how thankful I am for Manu as my constant companion in this journey. It’s great to have him, who shares all of the same experiences, this clings us together more and more. I am also thankful that God is journeying with us and he always stays the same. He is Lord over all our moving.
So with those two journey companions: Bring on the adventures!

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