A visit in the bush

As you might know, we live in the small provincial town of Mpika. Around this small town is one of the most sparsely populated areas of Zambia. That means there are many small villages to which there is hardly any infrastructure, so there are hardly any good roads. And it was exactly to such a village that we set off last Sunday. Our goal was to visit a small village church and encourage our brothers and sisters there. “We” are: Mulenga and me (Manuel). Mulenga is the young man we live together with here in Mpika.
The ride on the bikes was adventurous and beautiful at the same time. Over hill and dale it went altogether about 60km through the African bush.
As we arrived in the village we were greeted very friendly and the small church was very happy about the visit. Mulenga did a Bible study before the service started and I was allowed to preach. After the service we were brought to a young, very sick man. We prayed for him and are still praying.
After the visit at the guys house we had to start our way home again, so that we reach home before sunset.
All along the way I have repeatedly pulled out my phone and made a few clips which I afterwards cut together.
Have a look at the short viedeo, enioy!!.
The password is: bike


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