The Snake

It was Sunday and we again had decided to visit another remote community in the backcountry of Mpika to be an encouragement to the people there. Not many people make their way to the villages around here. Too remote. The roads are too bad. And so it is always something special for our brothers and sisters to receive a visit.
Whoever knows me (Manu) knows that my bike is the best means of transport for me. And so this vehicle is also perfect to reach such villages.

Honestly, we underestimated the tour and it was further than we had thought. Especially the many altitude changes. Altogether it was about 60 km up and down with about 500 meters of altitude and all of that in burning sun. Well after the service and a great meal of the women from the village, we started on our way home. We still had a long way to go and did not want to ride in the dark. At this time of the year, at the end of the rainy season bushes and all the grass are pretty high and it is often not easy to find the way and also the dangers lurking on the right and left in the high bushes.

And we experienced that first hand. It was again one of those places where the grass was very high and the way narrow. Suddenly, Mulenga looked at me wide-eyed and said, “Did you see what you just rode over with your bike”? “No,” I said, but on his face,  I could see that it must have been something dangerous. “You were just ridding over a black Mamba and the snake had already set up for attack”. We stopped and looked back. In fact, the snake was still on the way, about 6 meters behind us. But we couldn’t take a picture. At that moment many thoughts came to my mind… what would have happened if… At this time we were still about 30km away from the next street and much further from the nearest hospital. No, I said to myself, it’s best not to think about it. It was God who saved us from this snake and who still has the power to shut the moths of the animals he wants. And so he did it with this snake. We were grateful for this preservation but at the same time I felt my adrenaline level in my blood rising slowly.

A few kilometers further we took a little break and the verse came from Luke 10:19
” I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”
When we are with God we can be confident. At the end of the day we arrived safely and exhausted at home. Thankful for what we experienced on this day.
On the tour went Carmen, Mulenga and me.



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