first weeks back as Family

we have received messages from many of you with the question of whether we are fine with the little one here and whether we have made a good start again. Yes we settled back in! Although it is of course quite different with a little baby to be here. Most of our routine goes slower than usual. But the little one is mostly satisfied and happy. The nights are mostly quiet. Nevertheless, we feel how our energy is more limited and that life has a different rhythm now.
Last week we as impact team went on outreach. So we were at the Amano school (about 90km from Ndola away) and put onmthe so-called “Spiritual emphasis Week” from Monday to Friday . We had each class for an hour each day. It was about how incredible God created us. We hope that we could encourage children and young people to take steps in faith. For us as a team the week was challenging but very good. We have seen how we grew together as a group and can master even larger tasks together.

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