mission completed

8 months are over and the first intercultural impact team ever is history now!
The last 8 months we lived together with 3 Zambian and 5 German young adults. We served together and shaped one another in this 8 months. If I said now that it was 8 beautiful and simple months, then I would surely lie. We had a lot of challenges in living together and being together in ministry here.
But in all that we have learned and grown a lot and now we have the task to reflect as a team and to think about how to move on and improve. The next team will come in September and until then we have enough time to plan and implement changes.
Despite all the challenges, we could see that the work has borne fruit. We have seen changes in our “disciples”, they matured in their character and faith and we had many opportunity’s to show that we are one in Christ. And that was our primary goal. Also from our partner church we got good feedback and were encouraged to continue our work.
Week after week, in the last 8 months, we have been reaching out to children, young people, orphans, children with disabilities, churches, youth groups, students, etc., with the love of God and encouraging them to live a life with Jesus!
In the next few weeks and months, we want to continue the children and youth work we have started even tough the team is no more around and the new one will come in September.

  • What’s up in the near future:

Manuel will be on a trip to Nabwalya (one of Zambia’s most remote areas) next week to take a Pastor there.
Reflect and follow up the last 8 months
Do some practical work.
Moving (we have to move again on the 1st of June)
Supervise a short-term team (in August a team from Germany will visit us for 3 weeks)
Visit of Carmen’s mother in August, which we are very looking forward to.
Preparations for the next impact team
Continue with youth and children’s ministry

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