Old year, new year

We hope you had good holidaies and a relaxed way to leave the old year behind. We have also found some quiet time in the last few days. All of our 9 young people from Germany and Zambia have swarmed in different directions. Some are with their families, others want to use the time to travel the country.
We just stayed at home and enjoy the peace and quiet on our property, which usually has 18 people bustling around.
As always, there was a lot going on in December. With all of our kids’ clubs and with the children in the orphanage, we had a proper year closing program with the nativity scene of the good news of Christmas, eating, playing, sweets and much more. The children had a lot of fun and we always enjoy this special time. We hope that the children have been encouraged and that they will once again realize that Jesus came for them to save them.
Eventful weeks are behind us, which were also not always easy. Leading an intercultural team with an intercultural leadership team in a foreign country is not always easy. Again and again we find out how different our cultures are and how different you can look at the same thing. In any case, we don’t stop learning.
It is important for us to keep a pure heart and to live in peace with God, then all other problems become smaller and more feasible. We often notice how discontent settles in our hearts and how we attach it to external things or other people, but actually it is about our own heart and our own peace with God. When we have Peace in him, nothing can really make us dissatisfied and we will be grateful for everything and everyone we have. But that’s a constant struggle that you don’t always win.
Some time ago I saw a video on YouTube that showed me how small we are and how important we are. God is incredibly great and it is unimaginable that he sent us his son as Christmas savior. Check out the video for yourself and marvel at how big God is and how small we are.

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