Remain in me

Over Christmas it became important to me to start the new year with a quite day. It was not January 1st, but still in early 2020. A brief review of 2019, a look ahead to 2020 and taking some time to focus on God. These three things were important to me for the day.

I was guided by a “I am” word from Jesus. John 15 1-11. Jesus the vine, God the gardener and I the branch. Verses 4 + 9 caught my eye “Remain in me, and I in you!” “As much as the father loves me, so I love you; stay in my love! This loving invitation from Jesus fits very well to my last weeks. Because in the midst of everyday family life, being a mom, household chores, impact everyday life and all the small and large frustrations that come with these areas, I had few moments in which I consciously “stayed in Jesus”. So times when I read his word and talked to him and moments in everyday life when I knew HE IS HERE.
Then worries, selfishness and frustrations have taken over in my heart. Yes, this happens even to people like me who have Christianity as a job. I am just a human being and need Jesus in the here and now as you do. Well, in any case, this request from Jesus was exactly the right thing for me and I have planned new times in which I would stay in him. I’m excited to see how my change of perspective affects my heart and my relationships here.

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