About us


Manuel, born in 1984, was raised in Dettingen am Albuch, a little town in the south east of Germany. After finishing High school, he did an apprenticeship to be an electrician and then went back to school for another year.

When he finished that, he wanted a change and went to Kenya to work in the mission field for a year. That is when the African continent won his heart.

Upon his return from Africa, he completed a theological degree at the Liebenzell Mission and then worked as a youth pastor in a small town close to Bad Liebenzell for two years.

2014 was a special year for Manuel: in July, he got married to Carmen, the woman of his dreams. Since then, the two of them have been on their journey together and are stoked about it.

After the wedding bells were done tolling, they went back to Bad Liebenzell where Manuel worked on the guest team at a Christian retreat centre (the Christliche Gästehäuser Monbachtal) and also, together with Carmen, as the house parents of the discipleship school at Bad Liebenzell.

“What I enjoy about being a youth pastor, missionary, house parent and guest team member is to encourage people in living their faith in our amazing God, and to do so realizing that it as an inconceivably good gift, not a burden.”

A few things that Manuel enjoys are Italian food, spending time in Italy, riding bikes of various kinds, and spending time with his wife.


Carmen was born in 1991 as the third daughter in a family in Bavaria. After she finished school in 2010, her love for adventure and traveling took her far away, to the beautiful country of Australia, where she went to a Torchbearer Bibleschool. During her time there and in the midst of many meaningful moments with special people, God put it on her heart to go to school for social work.

So back in Germany, she went to the International University Bad Liebenzell to study theology and social work in an intercultural context. It was here that she got to know many people who greatly inspired her, one of them being a certain Manuel Sept. They started dating and then got married in 2014.

One year later, Carmen finished school and worked for Teens in Mission, the youth ministry department of Liebenzell Mission. A big part of her work there was being the houseparent of the short-term discipleship school Fire Mountain Training School. So young and already 16 kids 😉

“What I love about my job? A lot of things! Amongst other things I enjoy crossing paths with, and learning from, so many different people. It is a real privilege for me to get to know young people, to support them and to get to witness how they take bold steps toward Jesus and mature in their faith. Besides this, I love the diversity of tasks in my job.”

A few things that I enjoy: Crafts (whether that is sewing, knitting, crocheting, other crafts, or photography); Loosing track of time with a good book and a yummy drink; Spending time with people that are close to me, experience things together, laughing with them, and having deep conversations. Discovering new places together with my husband, going on adventures with him, and serving others alongside of him.