Old year, new year

We hope you had good holidaies and a relaxed way to leave the old year behind. We have also found some quiet time in the last few days. All of our 9 young people from Germany and Zambia have swarmed in different directions. Some are with their families, others want to use the time to […]

Remain in me

Over Christmas it became important to me to start the new year with a quite day. It was not January 1st, but still in early 2020. A brief review of 2019, a look ahead to 2020 and taking some time to focus on God. These three things were important to me for the day. I […]

mission completed

8 months are over and the first intercultural impact team ever is history now!The last 8 months we lived together with 3 Zambian and 5 German young adults. We served together and shaped one another in this 8 months. If I said now that it was 8 beautiful and simple months, then I would surely […]

new video clip

Some time ago we had a film Team from Germany here in Zambia. They also made a short video Clip about us. The problem is: its in german! But you might get still something :-)) Have fun!!  

first weeks back as Family

we have received messages from many of you with the question of whether we are fine with the little one here and whether we have made a good start again. Yes we settled back in! Although it is of course quite different with a little baby to be here. Most of our routine goes slower […]

She is here

Our baby girl is here! Junia Manea made her way into the world on January 26th 2019. We are glad that she is healthy and so is Carmen. Thankfully the delivery went well and our midwives were amazing in helping us through this special event.Ever since Junia is the centre of  our daily routine, which […]


So here is the video. Sorry the comments are in German but I´m sure you still get an impression of what is going on in the ministry here in Zambia.   The Passwort is: impact  

They have arrived!!!

It’s almost unbelieveable, after our preparation which almost took us 2 years we started our actual ministry. The first Impact team arrived two days ago. 5 Germans and 4 Zambians  moved in we are pretty excited for the months to come. Some expressions of our first days are following…

The Snake

It was Sunday and we again had decided to visit another remote community in the backcountry of Mpika to be an encouragement to the people there. Not many people make their way to the villages around here. Too remote. The roads are too bad. And so it is always something special for our brothers and […]

Picture of the Month

APRIL 2018 This month it happend again. Three days in a row of no water out of our tap, which is on our plot and gives us water once a day for about 3 hours. Thank God there was a lot of water from above on the third day, so we drew water in the […]