Our ministry

From September 2016 until May 2017 the Liebenzell Mission sent us to Toronto, Canada to get prepared for our work in Zambia. We worked on improving our English and learned about cultural dynamics and about ourselves. Part of this training was an internship in a church as well as living in a refugee home. We really learned a lot through those programmes. You would like to read more about our time in Toronto? Check out our Blogs under the button “News”.


From August 2017 in Zambia our first focus will be on learning one of the local languages (Bemba) and getting to know the culture. Later on, we will be mentoring young adults from Germany and Zambia who serve in Zambian churches. The plan is for there to be a team of young adults from Germany and Zambia, who work in the church and on different projects in Zambia for 10 months at a time. We as a couple will lead, supervise, and disciple them, both as a team and as individuals. This also includes some administrative work for us, such as developing and maintaining partnerships with local churches. What this will look like in detail will be determined once we are settled in Zambia.

This short-term ministry and discipleship program is not unique to Zambia. It’s called IMPACT and also exists in other countries Liebenzell Mission is working in.